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" I wonder what how many flowers I can pick before I collapse under there weight?" ~ Tao. Stopped at 147.

Of the samurai wandering the world, Tao is without doubt the weirdest.

Born in 1620, Tao's attitude has been... inconsistent.

Strange thinking patterns, an obsession with vegetables, and a light demeanor seem to define his character.

Still, he likes to learn. A traveler of the world, he is consistently trying to document and find new things day to day.

He also keeps popping flowers into his mouth whenever he finds them, so that might contribute to something.

We're not quite sure what he's doing here.
Name Tao
Born 1620
Favorite Food Cheesecake
Style Muketsu no tatakai (The Bloodless Battle)


Tao's upbringing was simple. He, his mother, and his father lived with relative wealth and success, living well and in charge of a grand shop.

Unfortunately, it did not last.

The father revealed a dark nature over time. Driven to madness, He drove the shop into the ground and took everything he could. Eventually, he disappeared all together. Tao was left behind to help his ailing mother. Consistently trying to aid, his demeanor tended to make things worse, causing his mother stress. Eventually, though, Tao learned he can help more then he can hurt. He began doing his best, and eventually, His mother regained her footing. At her request, Tao went into the world to grow on his own. Trying to regain the wealth he had before, Tao is always looking for a way to gain money, but never forgets his main goal is to help others..

The Venture

Alone with himself, Tao learned of the devastation the land was under. Bandits, Demons, and Undead ravaged the land, and few could stop them.

Tao decided to become the best warrior the land will ever see, and began training to stop the evil that was spreading quickly.

Tao did not want to kill the bandits and soldiers he came across, as they are people, as he was, but the Oni and Undead where going down to the place they came from.

Learning the way of the Bloodless Battle, Tao went off to find evil and stop it's spreading.

...Unfortunately, he quickly found that he's not particularly good at it, as he started by telling a red oni his mother was a sleeze-bag.

After a quick air flight via Oni Mace, Tao found a powerful samurai, One embeded with the powers of fire, who offered to help Tao learn the ways of the world.

Tao was eager to learn, and so he took his blade, and went to the dojo.

The Fire Samurai showed Tao the way of the sword, taking time to show him the skills and techniques that a Samurai would need to survive.

The Book

Ace pulled out a book, one full of the reasons and skills available to a samurai, some of which he invented himself.

The book was not complete. Aside from what others had written of there legends, the skills and creatures of the land where missing. Towns, and item information were ripped from the pages, leaving small marks on the information.

At the top of the book, a mark of warning was displayed: "Those who edit this book without permission will feel the wrath of the Kanji Clan"

Ace explained that the book could not be altered without permission, as others in the past had slandered the pages, and put up lies to deceive the unlearned.

Tao didn't like the book's incompleteness, so he immediately started doodling in it.

Ace protested, to say the least, and looked at the doodles he drew...

....and found them to be informational. The Stance pages contained information on there works. Basic information on chi usage, and oni observations and pictures had been put in place of the empty places.

Ace removed the pages out of fear for the Kanji, and told Tao to ask them before he did more.

So, Tao went off to meet with the legendary clan...

Kanji Meeting

Tao quickly learned that finding an ancient clan of all-powerful world changers was rather hard.

He found towns, caves, mines, and ninja hideouts, but could not find the location the Kanji rested.

So he decided to keep adding to the book until they caught him. "Surely the Kanji will notice the book if I keep adding. They'll either remove my work, or tell me to continue. Either way, this is probably my be-BEEAARR!!!"

After Tao received a very brutal mauling, he swore revenge on all the bears in the world, and proceeded to attack every bear he saw, usually losing.

He continued his work on the book, and eventually, he found what he was looking for...

The Kanji where pleased with the work. They told Tao, as long as the work was good for the book, the "children of this world" may add as they see fit.

Tao gleefully continued to add to the book. Though unfinished, the book manages to teach the ways to all who seek it.

Unfortunately, Tao keeps forgetting that he's working on the thing, so if you see him, be sure to bother him until he keeps on it

The Changes


Tao keeps forgetting he's supposed to be learning, and not chasing oni around in a circle until the big guy shows up. As such, he has periods where he levels incredibly slowly, often taking days before he even lifts his blade.

This can cause trouble for him, as often he is unprepared to fight a worthy opponent when they arrive.

Though he's often lost, he does try to find ways to defeat the Legendary Samurai of the world, the biggest challenge in his world.

Tao's seems to be blessed. He can take down a Red Oni in combat, and turn right around and get obliterated by deer, often right afterwords. He's fast, frail, slow, strong,, smart, dumb, often all at once.

Sometimes, he feels like his presents breaks reality. He's not sure how. Maybe there's something in him that causes the world to bend and break, or maybe the world's rules don't affect him for a time.

Still, if one needs help, just look for a dancing samurai singing about vegetables. Asking him

Stories and Legends

Famous quotes from Tao :

A wise Veggie once said:

To grow in snow, one must be silent

I have no idea what he meant, so I just snuck around and suplex people when they're not looking.

Saskia : Why not about mudcrabs ? Tao : Mmmm, raised by mudcrabs and believe that he are one ? Tao : Mmm... Well not too weird...


Tao on the battlefield : Got em got em GO GO GO !

Tao on the battlefield V2 after destroying the Aoi Clan HQ (His own HQ...) :

Saskia (Aoi's leader) : Tao I have a question for you

Tao : oh

Saskia : You tried a new veggie dance on our HQ ?

Tao : ....uh...

Saskia : Cause It was destroyed by giant crops...

Tao : .....Maybe?




Unfortunatly I can't control the thing.

Stupid... Merchant.

"Oh, it's totally Safe".

"Don't worry it will follow you're every command".



Tao :Last time I tried to cook something

Saskia : It blew up ?

Tao: I set an entire sector on fire

I was making toast

I have no idea how it happened

Probably shouldn't used fire breath on the grain...

I didn't think it'd be so... flamable...

Tao :

My attempt at yoghourth didn't face much better.

I kinda froze the entire farm

The cow was fine, but I think I got some chickens...

Tao's songs

The oni song

My little oni, my little Oni...

Aaah aaah aaah aaah

My little oni,

I used to wonder what slashing could be

My little oni

Until you all slashed theirs heads with me

Big adventure

Tons of fun !

The general song

I am the very model of a modern Major-General, I've information vegetable, animal, and mineral, I know the kings of England, and I quote the fights historical From Marathon to Waterloo, in order categorical;a I'm very well acquainted, too, with matters mathematical, I understand equations, both the simple and quadratical, About binomial theorem I'm teeming with a lot o' news, (bothered for a rhyme) With many cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse.